These resources are freely available to download and use. I keep resources here that are currently being complied or are out-of-date. I have a more resources which are available from my Store. Check out what is there (including the Rockschool resources) and enjoy what I have available here.

General Music Resources

Blank Manuscript paper

Blank Guitar TAB paper

Blank Bass TAB paper

Black chord diagram sheet

Rockschool Exams 


Favela - Guitar solo from Grade 6 Rockschool piece

Grade 4 Guitar Improvisation and Interpretation tests

These tests come with a sheet of the examples to use for Improvisation and Interpretation tests with audio for each track, plus also extended versions of all the tracks for extra practise and general improvisation use.

Examples 1 - 5

Examples 6-10

Examples 11-15

Guitar Sight-reading Tests

These tests are either partially complete / in progress or are waiting to be proof-reading and for a cover to be put them and put into the store.  Until they are in that position I'm happy for people to see them/use them and help prepare students for the exams.  They are based on the current (2012-2018) criteria for sight-reading.  Obviously there are not a lot of them as I only write them as I need them for students exams!  It's still early days in this syllabus.

Grade 1 - available from the store

Grade 5 - available from the store

Old Guitar Sight-reading tests

I wrote all these tests when preparing students for the old syllabus, unfortunately these are a little bit out of date because of that because the criteria has changed a little bit for the newest syllabus.  However, while I am updating these I've put the old ones here, people will still find these useful I'm sure.

Grade 4 Sight-reading tests

Aural/Ear Tests

These aural tests are in the same format as the new Rockschool aural tests, again I plan to publish 30 of them, at the moment I have 20 written with audio and answers.  Unfortunately when I was doing the Grade 5 exercises, a podcast I was listening to got put into the recording too!  I will re-record the audio before publishing it properly, but there are no reasons not to use the resource just now!

Grade 4 Melodic Recall Tests - available in the store

Grade 5 Melodic Recall Tests - available in the store

RGT Acoustic Guitar Exams

Grade 4 Melodic Recall Examples

Examples 1-10 (20 more to come) - Compressed ZIP file with Audio and answers

Backing Tracks and Other Video

Here are some backing tracks that I use with students

Simple G Minor Loop Backing Track - SoundCloud 




Example solo for Soma, Rockschool Grade 7

Example solo for Soma, from Rockschool Grade 7. I wrote it out for a student who was struggling with ideas for the solo. Recorded through a TC Electronics Dark Matter pedal, a Marshall delay and into my Line 6 Spider II clean channel, DI'd into Logic.