As I continue to put students through Rockschool exams, I will continue to produce more and more exercises for using to prepare students for their exams. The new ones that I have added are for the Grade 4 Guitar Improvisation and Interpretation tests.  Its very easy to find ways to practice for these tests, however finding tests and examples in the exam format is quite tricky.  

To start with I've put 5 examples up, but I'm hoping to add another 10, so there will be 15 in total.  You can find them here.  Once I have them finished I will add them to the shop, but as they are being produced, I will keep them on the resources page.


UPDATE 23/1/14 : 5 more exercises have been added now, hoping to add a few more by the end of the week.

UPDATE 24/1/14: Final 5 exercises for now have been added.  That should be enough to prepare most students, particularly when preparing with the Rockschool books themselves.  I hope people really find these useful.