In using the Rockschool exams, I have become frustrated with the lack of resources for aural training and sightreading practice, particularly the later.  While Rockschool offer a few examples of each type of test, they are just that: examples.  They are by no means suitable for training a guitarist how to become a competent sightreader or have a brilliant ear.  I'm sure this is just a temporary stage as Rockschool increase their resources, but for those sitting their exams now, there needs to be some kind of practice.

I have a student sitting grade 4 guitar soon, and so I have prepared a collection of practice exercises.  I think there must be other teachers who can use this so I'm going to post a link to a zip file containing them.  A few things to take note of:


  • The file (at the moment) contains 20 chord recognition tests with answers, 20 melody tests and 10 sightreading tests.  This is by no means a complete collection.  It takes a long time to prepare these but I do plan to add to this collection, with an aim of having 30 tests of each.  I plan on adding to them fairly soon, hopefully within the next few weeks.
  • The sight reading comes with 2 clapping exercises for each corresponding test. These aren't required at Grade 4 but are great practice for reading rhythms.  The first of the pair is a rhythmic excerpt from the associated test, and the second is a similar example.
  • All the audio is very rough.  If people actually use these I will clean up the audio.  
  • The sight-reading is missing backing tracks.  This isn't a priority, but again, should people actually use these I will invest some time into preparing them.
  • I only have grade 4 tests because that's the only level I've had to prepare students for.  If I have other students sitting others levels in the future I would do the same for them.


I would really appreciate some feedback if you find these useful.  Just post a comment below.

You can get my resources here.  I hope you find them useful.

Update on 2011-05-12 13:20 by Stephen

I have now included another 10 sight-reading examples, there are 10 more of all the exercises coming in the next week or two.