In the last few days, I have added some more books of exercises suitable for preparing for Rockschool guitar exams.  I have added books of exercises for:

Cover Page.jpg
  • Grade 4 Melodic Recall tests (part of the ear training) for guitar
  • Grade 5 Melodic Recall tests for guitar
  • Grade 5 Sight-Reading tests for guitar

The importance of practice for these tests cannot be underestimated, and it is a lack of resources for preparing for these tests, whether you are a student or a tutor looking to help their students prepare for exams.  I do plan to add more in the near future; I generally create them as I need them for my own students.  There are, of course, more ways that just these examples to prepare for the tests, but it is useful to have a large bank of tests in the format of the exam tests.

I hope you manage to get lots of use out of them and you can find them all on my store.

Keep Rocking :)